Friday, 27 April 2012

Adieu! Adieu! Adieu! this semester. Today was the last class for the journey which began last year. Today, after spending almost one year to reach where I stand now, I should say, there is an undeniable eruption of joy deep within my heart. When I look back, the journey was not an easy one especially for me since I did my graduation in Education and I choose English Literature for my Masters Degree.
Last year, when I attended my first class I was virtually perplexed. Everything the Professors taught or spoke about sounded Greek to me. But for my mates, since they had B.A Honors, it was just the same wine in a new bottle. Not only the syllabi, the pronunciation of some of the Professors also proved to be a challenge for me. For me it was like trying to fit a square head in a round hole. My contemplation grew frail upon the choice. But, I resolved to flow with the wind rather than against the wind. I became more attentive in the class and what ever was taught, on top of that I started researching things on my own. It was then that out of that gloomy atmosphere, I experienced epiphany telling me, "Come on see! It's quite simple." It was then that I realized nothing was impossible. If you have the will, definitely there is always a way.
When I talk about all these things, people might take me as a hard working learner. But I would say I am otherwise. I bunk classes, as all the normal students do. I keep track of my attendance so at the end, I will have just enough percentage to write my exams. I facebook at least 5-6 hours a day. I never study for my class tests and never prepare my seminars beforehand. BUT I AM ATTENTIVE IN THE CLASS! I ASK QUESTIONS AND DEBATE WITH MY PROFESSORS! I AM NOT A PASSIVE RECEIVER IN THE CLASS RATHER IF I DON'T GET A CONCEPT, I BECOME A PAIN THE ASS!!!!!
So today, when i reflect on how i have fared in my journey which was filled with storm, rain and sunshine, I am very proud to say that I have gained a lot in this short span of time. I alone know how much I have suffered and sacrificed to reach this destination, yet, I would without any doubt say that, all I have gained and learned is just the tip of an iceberg. I know I have a long way to go but what keeps me going is the fact that I have crossed the starting line.
Without any hitch and false claims I can say that I am in love with LITERATURE. I am inspired by literature and it has seeped deep down into my bones. I have a dream; to devote my life in learning the works of all those great writers and never stop. But sadly, I know that this life time will never be enough for that. It will be very unfair on my part not to mention a very motivating and inspiring person in my life. In fact he is my idol and the main driving force behind all this changes in me. He taught us American Literature this semester and he is known as Dr. Kapil. I knew his worth from the very first lecture he gave. I was so excited that when my friends called me, I simply said, "This year is going to be different from last year. My God! the first class (since Dr.Kapil's class was the first class of the day) is simply brilliant. I love this class." And mind you it was not  hollow words, I really loved his classes to such an extend that till now I have missed only two of his lectures. I am really inspired by his knowledge and the way he looks at things and the way he taught us. I know that how much ever I praise him, it will never do justice to him. My language fails me when ever I try to describe him. To actually understand what I want to say, you need to attend his classes and listen to him speaking.
"All is well that ends well" as said by the great bard Shakespeare. The fact that the semester ended well makes me feel exhausted and relaxed at the same time, which I can relate to the feelings of a person sipping his/her evening tea reminiscing the hard day he had. Though this semester has ended for me it is not the end of the road. I still have one more year to complete but I have hoping against all the odds that in next two semesters I will encounter Professors like him.  


  1. Hope the journey will be same!! Goodluck!!

  2. Thanks...yeah I too hope so... :-)

  3. I just feel you really are a gifted lady..may you be blessed even of luck!

  4. haha thanks a lot...i not gifted but i ll gladly take ur blessings....thanks again...

  5. :) Finally you are relieved from the burden of having to attend classes, eh? lol Good one. Interesting read! I appreciate your zeal and great love for literature. Keep going and yeah the next year will be as good, I am sure. All the best, ym. :)

  6. Thanks for ur wishes n ur luck....lets hope for the best,yb :)