Thursday, 10 November 2011

How to treat a woman....

A woman is propitious when she knows she is loved, wanted and cared by her guy.A woman wants a man to express his feelings and emotions rather than just showing gestures. She craves to hear the words, 'I love you', 'I need you', 'I care for you', 'I can't live without you' etc....
A man never utters these words once they get the girl, though i can't contradict the fact that man are not good in showing their emotions. And it is also true that, their gestures are an outlet for their feelings. But for a woman, WORDS are more important than GESTURES. We always see men feeling awkward whenever they have to express themselves because they are not used to it. Hence, a woman thinks that her man doesn't love her enough and leaves for another guy who is a bit more expressive than him.
So guys, pluck up ur courage, practise on how to express your feelings and see the wonders it does on your woman. REMEMBER, the first time you say these words no doubt you will be criticized because she is not used to it, but remember this also, she will be delighted to hear these words.
Lastly, give her little gifts and surprises every now and then. Take her to movies and sometimes go out for dinner. Occasionally share her duties if not then simply stay in the kitchen watching her prepare dinner and most important of all, say 'I LOVE YOU' atleast once in a day and see the change in her attitude.


  1. Nice one. Thanks for sharing! Keep posting.

  2. well....that was a lesson....:).....hope i would develop my relationship into better one..:)

  3. good lesson, let me try and see the change,,.. hehehe..

  4. keep going....will love to read more

  5. that's a good lesson for the boys, and so generous on your part to share what girls actually need.

    n wonderful blog.
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  6. wow...absolutely rite!! nice post!!