Friday, 11 November 2011

Nothing has changed.....

Nothing has changed since you left me in this dark and hollow world. The sun still shines and the moon still comes out at night. But yes, sleep never comes to me. I can't sleep because you always haunt me.
The monsoon has arrived bringing new hopes to everyone. I walk in the rain searching every droplet hoping to find a drop which you might have shed for me. I prick up my ears to listen to the breeze anticipating a breath of whisper you might have released in calling my name. I rummage around the rose plants expecting one rose to be missing which you might have plucked for me.I walk on the balmy grass hoping to see the crushed blades of grass where you might have paced upon thinking about me. I call out your name now and then hoping the wind will pass on my message to you...
I shed silent tears in my bed. My heart bleeds for your soft touch. Yes, everything is same but I have changed.


  1. Wow, a an interesting post. Completely enjoyed reading it. :)